There’s A Mysterious, Abandoned Ship In Oregon, And You’ll Want To See It For Yourself


Located on the riverbank of Sauvie Island sits a strange, decaying hunk of metal. This unusual ruin has been around for years and years, slowly collecting moss, graffiti, and paranormal speculation. Check it out:

This mysterious abandoned ship is tucked away on the riverbank of Collins Beach on Sauvie Island.

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The structure has spurred rumors of UFOs, as the unusual form calls to mind images of flying saucers.

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However, it was discovered that the ruins actually belong to an unusual boat that was made as a prototype in the 1970s. How it got to be where it is remains a mystery.

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The slowly eroding ship is being slowly covered in moss and enclosed in greenery as it is reclaimed by nature.

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In recent years, it has been covered in layers of colorful graffiti (which you can’t see in these photos).

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To see it for yourself, head to Collins Beach, a popular clothing-optional river beach on Sauvie Island. If you park at the third entrance and take a little walk along the beach, you’ll see it tucked into the trees at the edge of the sand.

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