12 Ways To Tell If You Are Truly An Old Soul At Heart

What does it mean to be an old soul?

Some believe it implies that you are wise beyond your years and that perhaps you were meant to exist in a different time — a time long ago.

Being an old soul can be a wonderful thing. I’ve been called an old soul before, and after reading this list, I definitely take the label as a compliment!

Scroll through below for 12 revealing signs that you may be an old soul at heart. I was quite surprised by these — from appreciating the classics to knowing how to stay calm, most of these described me perfectly.

Do you consider yourself or someone you love to be an old soul? Did we miss any surefire signs from our list? Let us know in the comments.

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1. You’re A Bit Introverted

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Since your interests probably don’t exactly line up with the people you’re surrounded by, you may tend to keep more to yourself.

2. You Have A Taste For The Classics

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Whether it’s music, literature, movies, or even manners, you know that there’s gold in just about everything classic.

3. You See The Big Picture

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The Big Picture
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The everyday things that plague others seem more like little speed bumps rather than something to panic over. This means old souls see the longterm, rather than simply what’s in front of them.

4. You Believe In True Love

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In an age where relationships don’t always last, you still have faith that two people can make it through life together and still be madly in love by the end.

5. You Were A Bit Different Than Other Kids

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Maybe you weren’t an outcast, but you always felt that there was something separating you and the other kids. Old souls will see through all the less purposeful rituals of childhood, and potentially even rebel against teachers or authority figures.

6. You Look To History To Get Things Done

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While others search for a new way to tackle a problem, you are more than willing to try the old way, because you know it will work. There may be an infinite number of ways to get something done, but the tried and true option is often best. That being said

7. You Think Through The Important Decisions

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You make sure you take the proper amount of time to sit on life’s really important decisions. It’s the life-changing choices, like making a big move, that cause you to stop and truly weigh all your options.

8. You Love Stories

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You may be on the introverted side, but you love hearing the stories of strangers. You have a better understanding than most that there are billions of others out there living their own lives, and you are fascinated by the tales that each one possesses.

9. Knowledge Is So Important To You

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Learning about new things is likely very exciting to you, whether through literature, music, art, math, science, current events, or anything else. There’s almost nothing more important than knowledge to an old soul.

10. You Know How To Remain Calm

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There’s no sense in running around like chickens without their heads when the same tasks can be accomplished with a level head. That’s just common sense to you.

11. You Are Very Giving

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You know that life is about generosity, so sharing your time, money, or worldly possessions with others only brings you and those around you great joy.

12. You Can Be The Model Of Sophistication

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You don’t need to use slang or wear sweatpants to work. You understand the importance of speaking and dressing like you mean it (often in a very classic way), and you carry yourself with pride.

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