Father And Son Spent 10 Years Working On Their Dream Project, And It’s Totally Magical

There are things you want right now and things worth waiting for. We all have that special something that we could wait on for years until things finally came together. For this father-and-son team, that thing they were willing to wait on took them a whopping 10 years to achieve.

Mike and Timmy Arnold spent a decade designing and building something incredible right outside their front door. If patience is a virtue, these two deserve a medal!

Mike Arnold and his son Timmy had their hearts set on a massive outdoor construction project: a magical forest in their front yard, complete with bridges and a hut made out of wood and stone.

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They used pallets, rocks, dead cedar, and flowers to create a space so natural and inviting, it looked like it had existed there for hundreds of years!
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The property was home to their daylily and woodworking businesses.
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The complex bridge structures were reinforced with wood and stone.
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It’s no wonder it took 10 years to build!

Enjoy | Abandoned Spaces

Wouldn’t you love to visit this place? It would be the perfect spot to get lost in on a long walk, or even host a dinner party. Amazing!

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