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Couple Renovates An 18th Century Chateau, And Finds Priceless Relics Hidden Inside

Most home improvement projects are small in scale. People replace a kitchen counter here, add a closet there, and take a long time to transform a room from blah to beautiful.

Yet Karina and Craig Waters’s home restoration project is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. When they bought a broken-down 18th century chateau in France, they had no idea how much work it needed to make it their dream home…and the hidden history they would find within.

When Karina and Craig Waters first saw the chateau, it was in a horrible state of disrepair.

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The inside and outside needed a lot of love.
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After purchasing the building and acquiring the restoration permits, the couple set upon fixing up the 94-room home.
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The building was once used to entertain notable Frenchmen, and somehow survived the revolution.
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Previous owners put very little work into the house, and it remained in shambles.
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Upon excavating the home’s remains, developers found an interesting secret.
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Remnants of the chateau’s original designs remained partially intact.

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The couple found artifacts that were over 200 years old.
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Architectural flourishes from centuries ago still had their presence felt.
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Now, the house is on its way to a full repair.
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It will take some time…
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…but it’s on the way to being restored to its former glory.
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The end of this restoration is going to be truly impressive, and one for the history books!

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