These 11 Haunted Cemeteries In Wisconsin Are Not For the Faint of Heart

Cemeteries are one of those places that people either love or hate. Some people find them peaceful and calming while others get the heebie-jeebies just thinking about them.

I’ll admit to being in the second group – I don’t really believe in the paranormal, but I had goosebumps just writing this list. Cemeteries are often the source of tall tales and legends thanks to their inherent ties to death and the afterlife. None of us really know what happens, but plenty of folks seem to think the veil between alive and dead is a lot thinner at a cemetery.

Here are 11 Wisconsin cemeteries that have some of the biggest reputations for paranormal activity. Visit them at your own risk.

1. Nola Cemetery – Park Falls

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Stories say the first person ever buried here was named Nola and now her spirit haunts the cemetery and all who enter it.
2. La Belle Cemetery – Oconomowoc
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The spookiness here surrounds a single grave. The statue of a young girl is said to emit a spirit that floats away to drown in the nearby lake. Others claim that the statue starts emitting blood.

3. Riverside Cemetery – Appleton

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One of the most famous paranormal spots in the state is the grave of Kate Blood at Riverside Cemetery. Legend says that on the full moon, the grave drips blood. Others say the stone of this grave is inexplicably warmer than those nearby. Blood is said to have murdered her family and now haunts the cemetery.
4. Pioneer’s Rest Cemetery – Canton
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There’s a barn directly adjacent to this cemetery that seems to be the center of all the creepy stories. Legend has it that a man killed his family and hung himself in the barn and the spirits of the family haunt the area. That legend led others to claim that because of it’s haunted past, the barn has been used for secret rituals by various groups all looking to summon the dead.
5. Eagle Road Cemetery – Juneau
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Much of the speculation at this cemetery has a religious base. Visitors have said they’ve seen visions of the Virgin Mary and felt inexplicable gusts of cold when they’re praying.

6. St. Killian’s Catholic Cemetery – Lake Geneva

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The nearby church burned down and it’s said the priest haunts this area. It’s said you can hear the phantom ringing of the old church’s bell and hear the footsteps of the priest as we wanders for eternity.
7. Oak Hill Cemetery – Janesville
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Visitors say they’ve seen a ghostly woman figure and flashing lights here, while more pragmatic folks say it’s just a stature and lights along the walkway. The fact that the ghostly figure has been seen in different locations definitely makes me want to stay away.
8. Forest Hill Cemetery – Wisconsin Rapids
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Folks here say they’ve heard babies crying and young voices calling out to them. The mausoleum has experienced a number of accidents with things being pushed over or falling.
9. Tabernacle Cemetery – Waukesha
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This cemetery is so well-known for its hauntings that its not longer open to the public. Visions of a ghost by the entrance as well as flashes of light seem to be examples of the spookiness happening here.

10. Forest Home Cemetery – Milwaukee

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This large cemetery in Milwaukee is the final resting place of many prominent Wisconsin folks. Dating back to 1850, Forest Home is located over an ancient Native American burial ground. Visitors say they’ve had all kinds of eerie experiences and some chalk it up to having disturbed the burial ground.
11. Glenbeulah Cemetery – Glenbeulah
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Dating back more than 200 years, the oldest graves here are the source of speculation. Folks say the stones are warm to the touch and sometimes have a ghostly pair of shoes nearby. Legend says a man hung himself here and that his apparition continues to live on.

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