Corpse Of Child Saint Appears To Open Her Eyes In Bone-Chilling Video Taken In Mexico

Thanks to ancient Egyptians’ habit of mummifying their dead, most of us are accustomed to seeing a well-preserved body from hundreds of years ago. What we’ve never seen, however, is one that behaves like it’s alive.

Footage of the mummified remains of child saint Inocencia taken at the Catedral de Guadalajara in Mexico shows what appears to be the eyes of the 300-year-old corpse opening right in front of the camera. Inocencia was brutally stabbed to death by her father, then given sainthood and preserved as a testament to her unwavering religious devotion.

Inocencia’s gory backstory gives rise to the question: has she finally found a reason to come back from the dead?

It’s hard to tell if this footage is the result of digital trickery, but the idea that a girl who’s been dead for three centuries is acting like a living person is a bit of a stretch. Luckily, you have all the evidence you need to decide for yourself.

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