The Most Mysterious Road In America Is In New Jersey — And No One Can Explain What’s Happening There

The most notorious urban legends are often paired with strange and spooky names, like Scotland’s Loch Ness Monster and London’s Spring-Heeled Jack, to name a few. But did you know New Jersey has its own frightening legend? Its name might be innocuous—but don’t let that fool you.

Clinton Road stretches for 10 miles in West Milford, New Jersey. And while it might just seem like an ordinary street, countless terrifying things have happened there… and much of it remains unexplained.

Most people know Clinton Road in West Milford, New Jersey as the home to the country’s longest traffic light. Crossing with Route 23, this double intersection often traps motorists for up to five minutes.

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Though there are a few houses at one end, Clinton Road is mostly desolate, which might be why so many haunting stories about it have cropped up over the years.
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Some people believe that this roadside structure was once part of a Druidic temple.

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However, it was actually just a smelter from the 18th century Clinton Ironworks.

Other unexplained sightings on Clinton Road haven’t been debunked. For instance, there supposedly exists a “ghost boy” at one of the bridges.

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According to the legend, if you put a quarter on the yellow line in the middle of the road, the ghost of a boy who died in a terrible accident will return it to you.

Other strange sightings involve witches, Satanic rituals, Ku Klux Klan meetings, strange creatures, unusual lights, and more ghosts. There are also whispers of phantom vehicles, including a “ghost truck” that chases drivers.

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Notably, there’s a legend of a “ghost Camaro” driven by a girl who lost her life crashing it in 1988, which can be summoned by merely mentioning the otherworldly vehicle.

There is at least one gruesome incident, though, that definitely happened on Clinton Road. In May of 1983, a bicyclist witnessed a turkey vulture eating the remains of a human corpse. It turned out that this unfortunate soul was one of the victims of Richard Kuklinski, better known as “The Iceman,” a contract killer for the mafia.

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He earned his nickname from his habit of freezing victims to mask the time of their death.

Do you have the guts to go to Clinton Road? If even one of these myths turn out to be true, then perhaps you should think twice.

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