14-Year-Old Mom Has Her Baby Taken By The State — 82 Years Later, She Gets A Remarkable Phone Call

When she gave birth to her daughter, Eva May, in a Utica, New York, hospital in 1933, Lena Pierce was just 14 years old. A ward of the state, Lena was dubbed too young to raise a child on her own—but only after she had begun to bond with her daughter. Tragically, her daughter was taken away from her and placed up for adoption.

Incredibly, after nearly 83 years, Lena, now 96, received a call she’d waited almost a century for. It was from her daughter. Renamed Betty and now 82, she wanted to meet her long-lost birth mother. What followed is a story for the ages.

The two of them were separated for pretty much a literal lifetime! Incredible to think that after all of that time they could reunite and immediately feel a mother-daughter connection.

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